About the Resident Artists

ectgroupDog House Art Gallery was founded by the three resident artists of the Baldy Dog Search Marketing Company. While moving Baldy Dog’s corporate office to a new location, it was discovered that there was the extra physical space to follow another of our dreams—being able to start an art gallery.

Residents artists, Elizabeth Donkus, Tara Henninger, and Carol J. Gilmore.

Elizabeth, studied painting at Tyler School of Art, where she trained as a painter. The founder and co-owner of Baldy Dog Search Marketing, Elizabeth, has been recently exploring non-traditional mixed media often incorporating her favorite dogs.

Tara, who majored in photography at Tyler School of Art, is experiencing her re-emergence into the art world. Tara has recently been working in more traditional formats of photography while navigating an increasingly digitally modified age of photography while presenting her own narrative of through imagery.

Carol is a self-taught photographer, who serves as a freelance photographer for the Morning Call in Allentown. She works both in black & white and color and enjoys playing with light and shadows and a variety of subjects.